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December 1 – Life’s Rewards

“We begin to pray only for God’s will for us.  That way, we get only what we are capable of handling.”

Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text page 49

Imagine what might happen if God gave us everything we wanted.  A fabulous new car, straight As, a triple salary raise—all ours without effort, just for the asking.

Now imagine the problems that come along with unearned riches, new luxury cars, and unmerited scholastic recognition.  What would we do with a huge salary raise that had been granted for no reason?  How would we handle our new financial responsibilities?  And how would we live up to that raise?  Could we ever make it appear that we deserve such pay when we know we don’t?

What about that fantastic new car?  Most come with expensive insurance premiums and hefty maintenance costs.  Are we prepared to care for what we’ve asked for?

Academic honors?  Could we perform like A students after we’d been given high marks we hadn’t earned?  What would we do if we were exposed as frauds?

When we talk to God, we need to remember that we live in the real world.  We earn rewards and learn to handle them as we do.  Confining our prayers to requests for knowledge of God’s will, the power to carry it out, and the ability to live with the consequences will ensure that we get no more than we can handle.

We begin to pray only for God’s will for us. This way we are getting only what we are capable of handling. We are able to respond to it and handle it, because God helps us prepare for it. Some of us simply use our words to give thanks for God’s grace

Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text page 49

Just for today:  I will pray only for knowledge of God’s will and the power to carry that out in the real world.

As I progress in recovery I am able to enjoy the rewards that have materialised over time as I have worked for them. A life in recovery is not about instant gratification, it is about slowly developing a life that is connected to others and filled with gratitude and hope. The things I had wished for at 30 days clean are so mundane and trivial compared to the rewards I have been gifted.

It isn’t about material wealth for me, it is about quality of life and being with the people I love. It is about being present as a father and making amends to my daughter each day by staying clean.

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