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December 10 – Winners

“I started to imitate some of the things the winners were doing.  I got caught up in NA.  I felt good…”

Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text page 153

We often hear it said in meetings that we should “stick with the winners.”  Who are the winners in Narcotics Anonymous?  Winners are easily identified.  They work an active program of recovery, living in the solution and staying out of the problem.  Winners are always ready to reach their hands out to the newcomer.  They have sponsors and work with those sponsors.  Winners stay clean, just for today.

Winners are recovering addicts who keep a positive frame of mind.  They may be going through troubled times, but they still attend meetings and share openly about it.  Winners know in their hearts that, with the help of a Higher Power, nothing will come along that is too much to handle.

Winners strive for unity in their service efforts.  Winners practice putting “principles before personalities.”  Winners remember the principle of anonymity, doing the principled action no matter who is involved.

Winners keep a sense of humor.  Winners have the ability to laugh at themselves.  And when winners laugh, they laugh with you, not at you.

Who are the winners in Narcotics Anonymous?  Any one of us can be considered a winner.  All of us exhibit some of the traits of the winner; sometimes we come very close to the ideal, sometimes we don’t.  If we are clean today and working our program to the best of our ability, we are winners!

I don’t remember exactly when, but shortly after I gave up, I began to get some hope that this program might work for me. I started to imitate some of the things the winners were doing.I got caught up in NA and I felt good, it was great to be clean for the first time in years.” Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text page 153.

Just for today:  I will strive to fulfill my ideals.  I will be a winner.

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