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December 11 – Misery is optional

“No one is forcing us to give up our misery.”

Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text page 29

It’s funny to remember how reluctant we once were to surrender to recovery.  We seemed to think we had wonderful, fulfilling lives as using addicts and that giving up our drugs would be worse than serving a life sentence at hard labor.  In reality, the opposite was true:  Our lives were miserable, but we were afraid to trade that familiar misery for the uncertainties of recovery.

It’s possible to be miserable in recovery, too, though it’s not necessary.  No one will force us to work the steps, go to meetings, or work with a sponsor.  There is no NA militia that will force us to do the things that will free us from pain.  But we do have a choice.  We’ve already chosen to give up the misery of active addiction for the sanity of recovery.  Now, if we’re ready to exchange today’s misery for even greater peace, we have a means to do just that—if we really want to.

“We review our past performance and our present behaviour to see what we want to keep and what we want to discard. No one is forcing us to give up our misery. This step has the reputation of being difficult, in reality, it is quite simple.” Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text page 29

Just for today:  I don’t have to be miserable unless I really want to be.  Today, I will trade in my misery for the benefits of recovery.

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