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January 27 – Learning to live again

“We learn new ways to live.  We are no longer limited to our old ideas.”

Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text p. 56

We may or may not have been taught right from wrong and other basics of life as children.  No matter, by the time we found recovery, most of us had only the vaguest idea of how to live.  Our isolation from the rest of society had caused us to ignore basic human responsibilities and develop bizarre survival skills to cope with the world we lived in.

Some of us didn’t know how to tell the truth; others were so frank we wounded everyone we talked to.  Some of us couldn’t cope with the simplest of personal problems, while others attempted solving the problems of the whole world.  Some of us never got angry, even when receiving unfair treatment; others busily lodged complaints against everyone and everything.

Whatever our problems, no matter how extreme, we all have a chance in Narcotics Anonymous to learn how to live anew.  Perhaps we need to learn kindness and how to care about others.  Perhaps we need to accept personal responsibilities.  Or maybe we need to overcome fear and take some risks.  We can be certain of one thing:  Each day, simply by living life, we’ll learn something new.

Our new friends in the Fellowship will help us. Our common effort is recovery. Clean, we face the world together. We no longer have to feel backed into a corner, at the mercy of events and circumstances. It makes a difference to have friends who care if we hurt. We find our place in the Fellowship, and we join a group whose meetings help us in our recovery. We have been untrustworthy for so long that most of our friends and families will doubt our recovery. They think it won’t last. We need people who understand our disease and the recovery process. At meetings we can share with other addicts, ask questions and learn about our disease. We learn new ways to live. We are no longer limited to our old ideas.

Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text p. 56

Just for today:  I know more about how to live than I did yesterday, but not as much as I’ll know tomorrow.  Today, I’ll learn something new.

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Learning to live life again and recovering from addiction

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