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November 27 Seeking God’s Help

“At times during our recovery, the decision to ask for God’s help is our greatest source of strength and courage.”

Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text page 26

When we take the Third Step, we decide to allow a loving Higher Power to guide us and care for us in our daily lives. We make the decision to allow this guidance and care into our lives. Some of us believe that, once we’ve made the Third Step decision, God leads us; from that point on, it’s just a matter of paying attention to where we are led.

The Third Step decision is an act of faith, and asking for God’s help is a way of renewing that act of faith. Putting faith to work in our daily lives gives us all the courage and strength we need, because we know we have the help of a loving Higher Power. We trust that our needs will be met. We can tap into that faith and trust just by asking.

Although we know that turning it over works, we may still take our will and life back. We may even get angry because God permits it. At time during our recovery, the decision to ask for God’s help is our greatest source of strength and courage. We cannot make this decision often enough. We surrender quietly and let the God of our understanding take care of us.Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text page 26.

Just for today:  I will remind myself that I’m not alone by asking my Higher Power for help each step of the way.

The thing I remember most about working Step 2 is that my higher power will always be loving and caring and want the best for me. With that understanding there is a level of faith that no matter what the day may bring, as long as I stay clean and focus on working my own program, I will be OK.

Coming from active addiction where every lie and manipulation was carefully considered to ensure my own selfish interests until the toxic web was too hard to keep going, and everything crashed and burned and everyone I though I loved had been hurt, deceived and wanted no part on my life.

“Try to do a little more for others than you do for yourself.”

Scotti R

Step 3 Higher Powers will for me is simply doing everything within my power to get well to stay clean and to not focus just on me. The days my soul is the happiest are the days I am able to be of service to others. If I focus my energies on staying clean to the best of my ability than the world will surely bring a different set of outcomes my way than the horror and despair of active addiction.

As it stands I need to practice putting all my faith into my higher power and I need to remember to ask for help with my mental health and recovery. Even if I reached out more vigilantly to my health care and support team asking for advice then perhaps I would find change.

Step 3 Gods will can only continue to bring more blessing and more love into my life.

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