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November 28 Being Ourselves

To be truly humble is to accept and honestly try to be ourselves.

Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text page 36.

Humility is a puzzling concept. We know a lot about humiliation, but humility is a new idea. It sounds suspiciously like grovelling, bowing, and scraping. But that’s not what humility is at all. True humility is, simply, acceptance of who we are.

By the time we reach a step that uses the word “humbly,” we have already started to put this principle into practice. The Fourth Step gives us an opportunity to examine who we really are, and the Fifth Step helps us accept that knowledge.

The practice of humility involves accepting our true nature, honestly being ourselves. We don’t have to grovel or abase ourselves, nor must we try to appear smarter, wealthier, or happier than we really are. Humility simply means we drop all pretence and live as honestly as we can.

Having decided that we want God to relieve us of the useless or destructive aspects of our personalities, we have arrived at the Seventh Step. We couldn’t handle the ordeal of life all by ourselves. It wasn’t until we made a real mess of our lives that we realized we couldn’t do it alone. By admitting this, we achieved a glimpse of humility. This is the main ingredient of Step Seven. Humility is a result of getting honest with ourselves. We have practiced being honest since Step One. We accepted our addiction and powerlessness. We found a strength beyond ourselves and learned to rely on it. We examined our lives and discovered who we really are. To be truly humble is to accept and honestly try to be ourselves. None of us is perfectly good or perfectly bad. We are people who have assets and liabilities. Most importantly, we are human.

Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text page 36

Just for today:  I will allow knowledge of my true nature to guide my actions.  Today, I will face the world as myself.

For me, lack of humility can be the old head telling me I am not worthy, I am an addict and have ruined everything. That lack of truth for me can really stop me from being humble and accepting that as a clean being I am actually worthy and deserving for this new way of life that has been gifted to me.

It is also important for me to be able to look past what I think I see and allow the real experience to occur. This is especially important when I am interacting with others and I need to be sure that my intentions and motives are honest and that I am part of while remaining neither better than or less than.

I guess for me humility is about accepting the truth and reality as best I can. Some days I need to work on this much more than others…

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