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September 11 – Bend with the wind

“Flexibility” was not a part of the vocabulary we used in our using days.  We’d become obsessed with the raw pleasure of our drugs and hardened to all the softer, subtler, more infinitely varied pleasures of the world around us.  Our disease had turned life itself into a constant threat of jails, institutions, and death, a threat against which we hardened ourselves all the more.  In the end we became brittle.  With the merest breath of life’s wind we crumbled at last, broken, defeated, with no choice but to surrender.

“We learn to become flexible…  As new things are revealed, we feel renewed.”

Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text p. 102

But the beautiful irony of recovery is that, in our surrender, we found the flexibility we had lost in our addiction, the very lack of which had defeated us.  We regained the ability to bend in life’s breeze without breaking.  When the wind blew, we felt its loving caress against our skin, where once we would have hardened ourselves as if against the onrush of a storm.

The winds of life blow new airs our way each moment, and with them new fragrances, new pleasures, varied, subtly different.  As we bend with life’s wind, we feel and hear and touch and smell and taste all it has to offer us.  And as new winds blow, we feel renewed.

If we are unwilling to listen to others, we will deny the need for improvement. We learn to become flexible and to admit when others are right and we are wrong. As new things are revealed, we feel renewed. We need to stay open-minded and willing to do that one extra thing, go to one extra meeting, stay on the phone one extra minute, and help a newcomer stay clean one extra day. This extra effort is vital to our recovery.

Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text p. 102

Just for today:  Higher Power, help me bend with life’s wind and glory in its passing.  Free me from rigidity.

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