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25 days clean again and prayer is a massive part of my recovery. It helps me build the faith I need to continue my surrender to myself and my disease. A very good friend of mine says every thought can be a prayer and to be careful what you wish for. I start my day by sighting my 12 Steps and 12 Traditions posters (download your own posters here) and I remind myself of the grace that has been gifted to me to be able to wake up clean. I then have a simple personal prayer as I am getting ready for the day… Something like:

Hello old mate up there, thanks for giving me this new clean day. Please help me to continue my surrender and stay clean no matter what. Please look after my friends and my family and help me be a better father and friend in this world. Please help any of my friends that are still in hell and thank you again for helping me stay clean so I can be a better man.

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After I said my personal prayer it is time for coffee and the just for today dedications. I then recite one or two of the prayers from the FREE PDF containing my favourite recovery prayers and get on with my day. Whether it is an act of submission and surrender or whether there are synchronicities of which I cannot explain, my prayers and my gratitude help me feel a deeper surrender and commitment to my new life in recovery.

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