Where can I go for help with my addiction?

It is nearly impossible to fight an addiction alone, and depending on how long you have been in the scene, what you are using, how you are using, and who you are using with you may require additional support and assistance. If you are serious about winning what may be one of the toughest fights of your life, then here are some suggestions:

Fall down seven, get up eight

Old Japanese Proverb

First port of call would be to get to either an AA or NA meeting (depending on your need). This will help you connect with a set of peers who are in recovery and safe to hang out with.

Next would be a call to ADIS on 1300 13 1340 to talk through the options available to you, the wait times and what you will need to do to follow through if you choose treatment.

Finally be prepared, there can be lengthy waits to get into DASSA withdrawal services and longer waits for The Woolshed. Be sure you keep appointments and contact up or you can lose your place.

It is also a great idea to ask your GP for assistance, they may be able to fast-track your path to withdrawal services and kick start your relationship with DASSA.

DASSA have been doing a lot to educate GPs about their services and have provided a resource packed website specifically to assist GP’s in referring their patients.

If you are lucky enough to be able to able to afford a private rehabilitation program, like Visible Recovery, Manor Born or even one of the Asian run rehabs (once COVID-19 is under control) you may be able to get help a lot faster.

Know your options is a great website that may also be able to give more insight into services I have not mentioned, and or other treatment options like home detox which is not being rolled out throughout South Australia.

The most important thing is to be making actions while reaching out for help. Don’t give up even if you stumble, keep picking up the phone, keep getting to meetings, keep fighting for your life.

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